Did you know that BCCE members sit on District Committees? 

We have members who have a voice or vote on the following  BUSD  committees.

Below are the committees and the BCCE members:


  Safety Committee

Denise Diggs(chair)

 Michael Campbell

Jocelyn Foreman



Superintendents Budget Advisory Committee

 Frank Hernandez(sub)

Yazid Kahil

Mildred Scherr

Shauna Rabinowitz

Jocelyn Foreman


  Benefits Committee

Frank Hernandez

 Steven Hopkins




  ELL Masterplan Committee

Leitcia Amezcua

 Carolyn Perez


Educator’s Advisory Committee

Estella Sisneros



BCCE Committees

Below is a list of BCCE Committees and our members who participate on them

BCCE Negotiations Team

Rodney Lewis (chair), Roderick Carraway, Carlos Cil, Marie Ferguson

Mark Griffin, Frank Hernandez, Steven Hopkins, Chawn Jackson

Margaretha Chacona Johnson, Barbara Mellion, Mildred Scherr, Kimberly Wright