Thank you BCCE Members!

The MOU for School Year 2020-2021 and Distance Learning is ratified.

The BCCE Executive Board voted to use ElectionBuddy for the voting of this ratification. We are happy to have this new and accessible means of voting. 198 of BCCE members voted and the ratification passed with 154 of yes votes to ratify. Thank you negotiation team for your diligence and hard work.

*** VOTE *** VOTE *** VOTE *** VOTE ***

Election Day is November 3rd. NOW is the time to Get Out The Vote for Prop. 15. CFT is Phone Banking on the following dates/times. We are encouraged to join from the comfort of our home. Working together we can pass Prop. 15. These are calls to CFT members, so it's fun and easy.

Join us for a virtual phonebank without ever leaving home! We will be calling CFT members and urging them to vote in support of Proposition 15, also known as Schools & Communities First.
Climate change has led to a torrent of wildfires throughout California in recent years. During times of wildfire and smoke-filled air, it’s important to know how to stay safe on the job and at home. You can also get involved in CFT’s Climate Justice Campaign.
Curricula, Tips & Tricks for Educators and Parents CFT's curated collection of resources for learning at home Educators and parents alike need resources for at-home learning. Our thoughtfully curated collection of helpful and creative resources aims to assist educators and parents with learning at home
Join us and help to win this November We may have said it before, but there’s really never been an election more important than this years. Please join in the CFT’s election efforts. There’s an opportunity for everyone!